Nicola graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Physiotherapy from the University of East Anglia in England in 2000. Nicola has worked in many different settings including Acute care, Public and Private Healthcare, Residential Aged Care, and Community Health. She has had a variety of clinical experience, both in the United Kingdom and in Australia, and has worked in Physiotherapy Management in both Public and Private Healthcare, overseeing teams of 10 or more Qualified Physiotherapists and Assistants. She has also been a Tutor in the Undergraduate Physiotherapy Course at the University of Newcastle, NSW, since 2009.

Nicola’s career has involved working extensively in all the medical areas of Physiotherapy (Respiratory, Neurology and General Medicine), and in Rehabilitation (particularly after Stroke, falls, surgery and illness). Nicola has a particular interest in working with the older population, and those with long term conditions. She has a very strong belief in enabling clients to identify ways to manage their conditions better, particularly through the use of exercise, and in empowering people to be able to self-manage their conditions.

Nicola is extremely passionate about achieving the best outcomes for her clients, and chose to set up Get Up and Go Physiotherapy in order to provide much needed in home treatment for those with conditions often not effectively dealt with in Private Physiotherapy Clinics.

Nicola has also been studying part-time for her PhD since September 2016. Her research is investigating the use of lower limb robotic exoskeletons in neuro-rehabilitation.

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